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Myths and Misconceptions about Hypnosis

There are several myths and misconceptions concerning hypnosis which are often the result of misleading representations in the media and popular culture. Here are the most common:

1 – while hypnotised, a person can be made to do anything.

This misunderstanding is probably the result of seeing hypnosis used as a form of entertainment. Loss of control is a common fear and completely understandable but in hypnosis, you are not only alert and aware but totally in control the whole time. If a suggestion is given that you don’t agree with, you will simply not follow it.

2 – hypnosis is like sleep.

In hypnosis you may appear to be asleep but you will actually be alert, attentive and focussed. A hypnotised person is never unconscious and you will be able to hear and understand everything that is said.

3 – you will give away secrets.

This goes back to the fear of loss of control but as you are actually awake and totally in control whilst hypnotised, the choice of what you want or do not want to share, is entirely yours.

4 – you might get stuck in hypnosis.

It’s simple – you can no more get stuck in hypnosis than you can get stuck in a daydream. You can come out of hypnosis whenever you decide to.

5 – you’d have to be stupid or gullible to be hypnotised.

In order to be hypnotised you need to be able to focus, concentrate and follow direction. In fact the more intelligent you are, the more likely you are to succeed with hypnosis.

6 – you won’t remember anything about it.

People experience hypnosis in different ways – some vividly, others more vaguely but hypnosis itself does not cause amnesia. When people believe they won’t remember, it is this belief which causes them to forget.

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