Relax… Imagine… Change…

What To Expect

The initial consultation lasts a full hour, is completely free and with no obligation. During this time we will talk about hypnosis and hypnotherapy in general, dispel a few myths and discuss your needs and expectations. Hypnotherapy can help many people with a wide range of problems but isn’t suitable in some circumstances and I will be able to refer you to another practitioner if I think hypnotherapy is not the right approach for you or your particular problem. After gathering some basic information, I will, with your consent, give you a little demonstration of the power of your imagination and if you are ready to proceed, book your first session.

I use a client-centred approach which means that each session is tailored to your individual situation and personality. Together we will identify your needs and agree on a plan. I will then guide you into a state of self-hypnosis and use a number of techniques designed to assist you in achieving your goals. When the therapy part is finished I will help you return to your everyday, waking state and we can, if you wish, discuss your thoughts and experience.

How many sessions will I need?

As every client is unique it is not possible to guarantee a specific number of sessions. Some people begin to feel the benefits after the first session but others will need several. Generally, hypnotherapy requires fewer sessions than other types of therapy so three or four could be sufficient. Together we will monitor your progress and decide how many will be effective for you.

Clare O'Daly is an accredited practitioner with the General Hypnotherapy Council

Clare O'Daly is a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register

Clare O'Daly Hypnotherapy is a registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council